AGM Awareness

What is AGM and why is it important? 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an important and mandatory event for every association.  It gives its members a broad overview of the association’s current directions, and financial health and clarifies its vision and purpose. It is also an opportunity for members to get to know the organisation, provides direct feedback to the board and bring forward resolutions if any for voting. 

Who can attend the AGM? 
All registered members can attend the AGM

What are the Benefits of holding an AGM? 

Below are some obvious benefits, however, it is a non-exhaustive list. 

Comply with government regulations
Provide transparency to the members about association affairs 
Involve in the discussions and contribute to the success of the association
Bring resolutions to voting Ex: change the articles 
Take part in promoting the Kannada language, culture and traditions
Opportunity to vote for the new management board 
Get a chance to nominate yourself in the next board election 

Is this management board permanent? 
No, the term of the executive committee is 2 years and the board of directors is 3 years.

Can I become a board member of KKL?
Yes, you can nominate in the next election provided you have been a member of the association in the past years.

Ok, I am curious now, where can I find more details about this? 
Here are the articles of the association in the English version which has more information.